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When we began house hunting in Miami, we were not sure what we were looking for until we saw the home built by Medallion Builders.

Brand new, beautifully constructed, efficient and family-friendly, our house is a dream.
Rafael Alfonso and Luis Torcida is an incredible team and lovely people. They build their homes to the utmost standards with elegant and efficient design and make themselves available at a moment’s notice.

We are proud and grateful owners of a property that was completely made by two remarkable men.

Mr. and Mrs. Les B. Levi

Dear Rafael,

We can't believe it has been a full year since we closed and moved into our new home! Thank you so much for all that you did for us. Your design has proven to be bright, open, and very efficient. The quality of the materials and construction is absolutely first rate. We could not be more pleased.
Throughout the entire process, both you and Mr. Torcida showed patience, excellence, and class. Your dedication to the project was total, and that included the many changes and interior details that we added as the project developed. Your subcontractors were experienced and professional, and throughout construction the site was always clean and well protected (and you completed the project well ahead of projections). For the full year after closing, you were immediately responsive to any punch list and warranty items (which were relatively few and minor). We realize that we were very fortunate to have a gentlemen builder construct our dream home. If you ever need a referral or endorsement, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Stacey and David Leibowitz


I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the two homes we worked on together.
I found that you and your team were most conscientious about all aspects of the home building process. As a developer, general contractor and realtor, I have a unique perspective on the custom home building industry. It would be easy for me to be critical of most. That said working with you was a pleasure from beginning to end. Your dedication to the process made things easy for my clients. From design development thru move-in, you demonstrated great patience and professionalism in assuring all their needs were met. In the end, your team delivered two beautiful homes to lovely families who I know to be so pleased with their homes and the experience of dealing with you and your group of professionals. I look forward to working with you again .....soon.
Thank you for being so committed to this industry!

Howard Wolofsky
EWM Chairman's Club

Dear Rafael,

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the exceptional manner in which you managed the building of the beautiful home that my wife and I are currently occupying. Your professionalism and attention to detail made the two year process a pleasurable experience. Rafael, it would be a distinct pleasure to recommend you to any prospective client considering employing your services. You did an outstanding job and, in my opinion, built a superior home to any other builder in the Miami area. Should you or your clients need to contact me for a referral, please do not hesitate to do so.

Marc A. Silverman

Dear Rafael,

We really enjoy living here in South Florida. We are particularly pleased that when we moved here in 2005 we were lucky enough to find a beautiful Florida style home built by Medallion Builders. We have had many friends and family visit us these past few years, and all have been impressed by the fine workmanship and details in our home. One of the great things about working with Medallion Builders is that when you want to talk to someone, you get the owner, Rafael Alfonso, not someone assigned to handle you. Rafael and his team have been great to work with.

Craig and Lori Herkert

We bought out beautiful home from Rafael Alfonso (Medallion Builders Inc.) in December 2002, and there are not enough words to describe how thankful we are to Mr.Alfonso. His professionalism, his attention to detail, and the time he has taken to answer all out questions have been invaluable. He has been on top of everything from day one and has offered his advice and direction when we needed it most. It has been a pleasure doing business with him. Everyday we are more in love with out house and we’re looking forward to all the good memories that await for us here.

Danys Baez, Professional Baseball Player & Mireya Pedron, Public Relations Executive

In a few words, I would like to tell you how thankful and privileged my family and I feel for owning the house you built. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of your work, the materials, finishes, and excellent architectural details that were used to construct our home.

After having seen several properties in Miami, I never thought that I would feel as well treated throughout the negotiations, closing and delivery of said house. For us as clients, it is very refreshing to see that the builder does not abandon us after the sale.

Most of all, out biggest joy was the way you so professionally handled the punch list and beyond. Thank you very much for having blessed our family. Through Medallion our dreams came true.

Please continue to bring happiness to many other Florida families.

Cesar Hernandez, CEO. The Global Securities Group

Dear Rafael,

The other day in our daily exercise-walk, Arcenio and I were talking about our present home, how we like it and how we live it all. There is no space in this house that is not in use. Our home has class and a classic look. Our friends and other people that have come to visit us admire the details the home has to offer. To the visitor’s eyes it portrays a clean and elegant atmosphere and we live happy here.

In other words, if we were given the opportunity to build and create a new home, we would not hesitate in considering you for sure. Knowing you and the people you work with creates a trust that is built throughout time.

Dr. Arcenio & Mrs. Celia Chacon

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